Discover How To Live A Fabulous Life And Make Lots Of Cash

Brian G. Johnson shares jaw dropping, easy to implement tips that could put on the path of living a fabulous life in as little as 6 to 7 hours.

Anyone who can access the internet can use that to achieve a high level of success. A statement you may have heard however I know of a 9 year old who is pulling in $1200,00 a month works on his business after school and doing his homework. 

How does that relate to you? Well, lets take his story for a spin.

9 year old Kid goes to school all day – You go to work all day

9 year old kid does home work – You do chores at home or cook dinner

9 year old kid works on business after school – You do what? Watch TV? Chat on phone with friends? What?

In essence it doesn’t matter the age, it only matters what you do with your time. 1 minute a day an hour lost is one that is lost forever and you never can get it back.

Now back to Brian, in 2003 he told his co-workers that he will no longer be working as a chef and has since done YouTube, built a website and did some digital publishing.

We are the architect of our own life. We can decide the things we want to do. Whether you want to live in the mountains in Colorado, or in the Caribbean, or in Miami, or in Rio by the beach, your fabulous life is whatever you dream it to be.

Living a fabulous life is not all about the money, its about the wealth, the relationships you make with the people around you, the relationships you have with a significant other.

You don’t have to wait to live a fabulous life. You can start right now with what Brian calls Fake it till you make it :).

Faking it till you make it is about having that mental clarity about what your fabulous life looks like.

vision and dreams

If you don’t make the decision.

If you don’t know why

If you don’t understand how its going to work

If you don’t have vision

How can your mind help you to achieve?

Brian 1Brian made a good point that until you make enough money then its all about the money. What Brian wanted to have the most was freedom and to call the shots in his life.

He was able to do that once he started making a certain amount of money. It started out with being very definite and decisive about how he was going to get that.

Brian opened up and shared little known secrets about how he was able to have freedom and call the shots in his life.

Its about the power of clarity, the power of the subconscious mind and committing 100%.

Great things can happen when you consistently apply yourself 3 or 4 times per week in building your online assets. After which you can look for strategies and tactics that shows you how to create online assets faster.

The bottom line is anything is possible and it starts with a belief system and you can do it. If that’s hard, get around people who will help you believe. People who are positive.

Love Peace and Bliss


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