Devastating Jaw Dropping Lessons From The Sharks

What can you learn from a shark about success? Lots. Every week I would watch them, what they do, how they behave, how they think just to translate it and apply it to my daily life. That was until I went cold turkey and stopped watching TV. That also included my favorite TV Show The Shark Tank.

Recently I have been able to access some of their devastatingly simple insights from this article on Yahoo Finance. ‘Shark Tank’ Secrets on How to Be Untouchable.

Barbara and Daymond a couple of the regular sharks on Shark Tank really shared what makes them and also an employee untouchable. Its a great reminded as you tend to complicate things when it comes to success. It great to have these reminds. I shared lots of my experience and my thoughts on what they shared in the video. Its tome to become untouchable 🙂

Love Peace and Bliss


P.S. What are your plans on becoming unstoppable. Let me know below in the comments

You can learn more about Daymond here and check out more about Barbara here

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