Could Your Daily Ritual Be Killing Your Success

What is your daily ritual? I learned early on my journey of self growth that all successful people have rituals. The funny thing is, you also have a ritual too whether it be watching the news in the morning, that cup of coffee like Motzart who had to have his 60 bean cup of coffee before he started his day. The key point about your daily ritual is if it includes actions that are supporting or killing your success.

My personal ritual has evolved over the years and various actions have been kept of tossed depending on my needs. However, there is one particular ritual which is a deal breaker and something I have seen many super successful people adopt as their daily ritual. Its meditation. I wasn’t a big fan of meditation in the beginning. The closest I came to any type of meditation was when I stared at the fast food menu trying to decide whether I would have cheese or bacon in my burger.

Once I committed to doing it daily, I understood why all these successful people were raving about meditation. I started out with a minute, anyone can do anything for a minute. Now I am up to 20 to 30 mins. I usually like guided meditations or soft meditation music. Here is my personal morning ritual.

  • Deep breathing – 5 mins
  • Gratitude – 3 mins
  • Visualization – 2 mins
  • Incantations – 5 mins
  • Exercise – 15 to 30 mins (my goal is up to 45 mins)
  • Meditation 5 mins (I usually get another 20 mins in later during the day)
  • Write out my long term goals and why I have them
  • Celebrate, visualize my day ending successfully and celebrating the magical moments in life.

By the time I am done I am filled with energy and excitement to start the day. Jack Canfield suggests an hour of power which includes 20 mins meditation, 20 mins exercise and 20 min reading. Tony Robbins suggests the daily magic which includes deep breathing while walking, gratitude, visualization and exercise.

You don’t have to stress about getting everything listed above as part of your daily ritual. You can start small and build you way up. Just including one of these rituals will create some change in your life. Everything outside of you starts from within you.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence


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