Closing The Gap Between Reality And Your Dreams

Embrace those moments when you close your eyes and dream then open you eyes and see the opportunities that surround you. Sometimes you get stuck because the distance between your dream and reality is intimidating.

You get stuck in paralysis by analysis, spending all your time trying to figure out how to fill in that giant sink hole between you reality and your dreams.

To shake off this intimidating trance like state which keeps you frozen in time, you must take stock of the truth of what it takes to make your dreams a reality. Be honest with yourself and recognize the truth that you must become a better version of yourself to make this happen.

Recognize what its going to take for you to become successful. You already have the raw material, the potential to make it happen.

Are you willing to leave your cozy, warm, safe comfort zone where you know everyone and there aren’t any surprises? Are you willing to leave your comfort zone to forge forward into the zone of uncertainty to make your dreams a reality.

Its not going to come to you all served up nicely on a silver platter. You are going to have to go out there, mine your own silver, make your own platter and serve up your dream, your goals, your target, your success exactly or better than you expected it to be.

Its all on you my friends. This is your journey and the true way to success is for you to take 100% responsibility to make it happen. You have to go out there and get it.

The secret sauce behind going out there and claiming your dream and making it your reality consist of one simple step.

Decide, its decision time on how badly you you want that dream where you are willing to work harder, get up earlier, stay later.

You have to push pass the people who laughed at you, who didn’t support you…. the same ones who think you can’t do it.

Be fearless. Be decisive and when you fail get up and keep going because the pain of going back is so harsh that the pain of moving forward feels like nothing at all. My friends, you have everything you need within you to make it happen. Go out there and claim it.

Love Peace and Bliss


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