Change Is OK

The Heroes And Villans Behind Cause And Effect 2

When you look at your life and all the less than positive results that pop up… What do you do? Do you go into ‘Villan’ mode complaining and blaming some else for you misfortune. What are your first thoughts? Do you make excuses like ‘Its my bosses fault’, or ‘ The candy hypnotized me, unwrapped itself and flew into my […]

Something Has Got To Change

Sometimes things are not changing in your life and you wonder why? The clue may lie in your environment. Who or what are you surrounding yourself with? I made a conscious decision more than a year ago to change my environment. I realized early in the game the importance of your environment in creating the life you desire.

Your Life Could Have A Different Outcome With This 1 Step

At times you feel like your life sucks and you yearn for things to look different… for a different outcome and are not sure how to get there. The outcome you wake up to every day is a result of what you repeatedly do.

Discover How To Live A Fabulous Life And Make Lots Of Cash

Brian G. Johnson shares jaw dropping, easy to implement tips that could put on the path of living a fabulous life in as little as 6 to 7 hours. Anyone who can access the internet can use that to achieve a high level of success. A statement you may have heard however I know of a 9 year old who […]

Your Instant Game Changer ALERT

The are very few insights that qualify as a game changer however you are in luck today when I share this “One Size Fits Most” game changer insight which is so devastatingly simple…. it could potentially blow your mind.