Change Is OK

Blinded: I Never Saw It Coming

Are you blinded to the possibility of anything being different? Are you subscribing to what everyone agrees is the natural way of life or with popular opinion? You hear phrase like, that’s the norm or that’s just the way life works or just accept life as it is. These phrases just make me want to scream…”Are you kidding me?” For […]

Critical Growing Pains

There is absolutely no way to avoid personal growth if you want to achieve any level of success. You have to become a different person to bring a certain level of success into your life. You literally become a better version of yourself whether its by creating new success habits or learning something new which supports your journey to success. […]

What Would You Do?

You will definitely find out my thoughts on what I would do if faced with these opportunity. You might believe you are unlucky and there are no opportunities available to you while others are easily able to harvest as many opportunities as they can hold. You then wonder what’s the difference and why these opportunities won’t happen for me? Its […]

Your Personal Crystal Ball To See Future 6

Sometimes you wish you had your own crystal ball so you can see your future. Well, I have news for you… you already have a crystal ball of sorts which gives great clues of what you life will look like in the future. Your habits will determine your future. Habits aren’t bad or good, they just are. They areĀ  just […]

Like A Bad Horror Flick You Looked Up

You might feel like your are stuck in a bad horror flick when you are separated from your cell phone for a period of time. There is that burning need to know what’s going on, to have information at your finger tips. OK, its confession time, Are you shackled to your phone? You jump at every beep or buzz. You […]