Part 3 Clearing A Path To Contentment Interview With Suzanne

So far you have looked at having more options when you are feeling stuck in life in part one. Then we took a spin at removing negative patterns that are creating obstacles to your success in part two. This week Suzanne is going to look at bringing out your magnificence. Ask yourself this question. “Have you adopted someone else story […]

Part 2 Clearing A Path To Contentment Interview With Suzanne 2

Suzanne shared why she got into Hypnosis and NLP. She saw it as a way to share simple things you can use to turn your life around in a really huge way. This led to her sharing how you can navigate through those negative addictive behaviors that paralyzes your success such as people pleasing, constantly apologizing, bullying or taking things […]

Part 1 Clearing A Path To Contentment Interview with Suzanne 2

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, like you have no choices in life or you have no control of what’s happening in your life? Suzzane Kellner Zinck is our special guest on the show today who is able to provide insights on how to easily overcome the aforementioned feelings. She is a Master Hypnotist and Master NLP Expert. You may or […]

Quotations About Life | Perfect Life | @AleciaLawrence



Annette Funicello“Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.” ― Annette Funicello

You always seem to be on a mission for perfection… discarding or ignoring things that don’t meet your requirements. The beauty of life comes from within and its easy to have a wonderful life no matter

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many lies

You… and you know who you are are at times is your harshest critic. Sometimes you are not able to switch off those demeaning thoughts you bring up about yourself.

The trouble is when you repeat something often enough you eventually accept it as true for you. How many lies disguised as less than positive descriptions or thoughts about yourself have claimed as true. Continue reading