Bump Up Performance by 71% Using This 1 Trick

Do you want to know what is one of the most under utilized success tactic which could increase your success rate by up to 71%? I am actually almost embarrassed to share this with you because of its obvious simplicity. Then I realized if I didn’t know, then there are probably others in the same boat as you too.

I had no idea about the power of this trick until I found research supporting this claim. The crazy thing is, this trick is so quick and easy, you could get it done faster than brushing your teeth. I was just as shocked to learn how simple this tactic is. Actually, if you can write a couple of numbers down, then you qualify to use this tactic and me giving 5 mins to complete it daily is quiet generous.

I know, you are like, “Alecia, tell me already”. Well, its all based around the use of numbers and positive reinforcement. The combination of both is very powerful. The awesome thing is, its applicable to any area of your life you want to improve.

The most important part of the process is to have a target and to monitor it daily. It doesn’t matter if you are not doing back flips over the prospect of looking at numbers daily. You will actually enjoy this part of the process and wonder why you never did this before.

Research was done over 100 years about by Elizabeth Hurlock on the power of positive reinforcement. She had a class she separated into two groups and gave each group the same test. When the test results came in she gave ‘Group A’ constructive critique on how they could do better and ‘Group ‘, positive reinforcement of the grades they received.

In essence with ‘Group B’ she only focused on the positive. When another test was administered to both groups. ‘Group A’ improved by 19% and ‘Group B’ improved by a whopping, mind boggling 71%.

What type of reinforcement are you giving yourself daily for the actions you take towards your goal?. Do you kick yourself or feel disappointed because you never met by 100% your preset requirements or, do you focus on what went right during the day… focusing on your successes.

The magnitude of your success is steeped in your ability to focus on what’s positive throughout the entire process from start to finish. My friends, at the end of the day when things don’t work out as expected, be kind to yourself and keep your eye on what went right during your day to increase your level of success.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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