Bucket List for Dying Dog With 22 Items Checked Off

Before you kick the bucket you must complete a bucket list and the earlier you start the better.

This is a touching story of Riina Cooke and her beloved boxer Romeo

Riina got the bad news that Romeo was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer in his back leg.

After a few days of crying and being depressed she snapped out of it and focused on creating lots of special moments with Romeo by putting together a bucket list.

Romeo’s Bucket List

  • Getting a pawicure
  • Riding in a police car
  • Riding in a fire truck
  • Feasting on a steak Dinner
  • Breakfast in bed with Mum
  • Drank a beer in a pub with Dad
  • Went on a date with another boxer

There were many more items on Romeos list. Sadly, he was put down on March 16 because he was in so much pain.

Lessons Learned From Riina and Romeo’s Bucket List

  • Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the positive
  • Romeo got a great send off
  • Riina found a happier way to grieve
  • Don’t wait until the end to do things on your list

Its nice to have a bucket list however I take a brief look at why I prefer having and Impossible List.

For more info on the differences between an impossible list and a bucket list you can go here to listen to Mission impossible: A Game Of Roulette

Life is about creating special moments. I encourage you to commit to creating these special moments on a regular basis.

What of the whole purpose of life is o have fun?

Check out this awesome video created by Romeo’s Mum and Dad.

Que the Kleenex

You can also jump on Facebook to see additional photos and videos of Romeo on his Fan Page  Romeo The Boxers Facebook Fan Page

Love Peace and Bliss



P.S. What’s on your Bucket List or Your Impossible List. Let me know below in the comments.



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