Blinded: I Never Saw It Coming

Are you blinded to the possibility of anything being different? Are you subscribing to what everyone agrees is the natural way of life or with popular opinion? You hear phrase like, that’s the norm or that’s just the way life works or just accept life as it is.

These phrases just make me want to scream…”Are you kidding me?” For years no one could run a mile under 4 minutes until Roger Bannister believed it was possible. There were people discouraging him from attempting the run.

Doctors published stories in the news paper saying you would put yourself in mortal danger if you attempt to run a mile under 4 mins. Roger ignored popular opinion and in 1954 ran a mile in just under 4 mins. Since then over 20,000 people have ran a mile under 4 mins.

Why? They believed it was possible. I like to call it the “If they can do it, I can do it too syndrome.” One of the great motivators towards your success is finding persons who have done what you want to do and study their story. Its proof you can do it too because you have the same raw material, you my friend have the potential.

What if there is no one who can stand as proof of the possibility of your future success? Then you have to be a pioneer of something that’s never been done before. Many super successful people are a success because they didn’t subscribe to popular opinion. When you have the power to see the invisible, then you can achieve the impossible.

Having that unwavering obsessive focus that its possible is what keeps the fire burning when you feel discouraged or like giving up. Hang in there my friends, you will make it happen.

Love Peace and Bliss

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