Big Decisions And A New Direction

One of the biggest blocks between you and your dream is to have the courage to start. You may have a fear of failure or fear of the unknown or just don’t feel like you are ready to go in that particular direction. However, sometimes god/source/universe… that higher power has a whole different plan in store for you and is sending…

…you signals indicating its time to start on that path to bring your dream into your reality. I recently had that experience when several persons who move in completely different circles mentioned I should write a book. Writing a book has been on my agenda for many years and I have never taken the time to make it happen.

Is this message to write a book coming to you from different sources and intervention via a higher power or coincidences? However you choose to define these messages doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is you should sit up and pay attention when you get the same message repeatedly.

I choose to believe these messages are coming from a higher power. Here is the deal, if you don’t pay heed to these messages, after awhile they will disappear. When theses messages are sent out I to view it as that higher power saying…

…”OK, I got everything ready on my end. You always wanted to this so lets go. All you gotta do is start and the chips will fall into place.” I am sure you have had that experience when you made a decision and everything went so smoothly… the chips just magically fell into place.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I made the choice to follow my message, my life long dream and start the process of writing a book. Do I have a clue how to go about it? No.  Guess what? You don’t have to know because success leaves clues.

Success leaves clues in the form of books, audios, videos, training programs, mentors and coaches. There is literally a clue to fit every budget. In this time and age, information is so readily available at your fingertips. Once you have checked out the clue, then its time to formulate a plan and then take persistent action until something happens. Decide | Act | Persist’

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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