Beyond Ordinary Defying Common Sense

The power of the mind requires mastering the art of believing in yourself. Cliff Young is what one would call an ordinary man who was a potato farmer. However, what Cliff is know for in history absolutely defies common sense.

At the ripe young age of 57 he decided to take up running. His outfit of choice while running was his standard farming gear of gum boots and coveralls.

He later entered one of the most grueling  race on earth which is a 543.7 mile trek between Sydney and Melbourne Australia at the age of 61. As the race started with him wearing his standard farming gear. He was easily overtaken by the other racers, who had scheduled  sleep into their multi-day run.

Cliff completed the race in five days, fifteen hours and four minutes with little over 12 hours sleep. He became the worlds oldest marathon runner. He literally smashed, obliterated and destroyed the world record by over 2 days

On his 2000 acre farm, Cliff usually spent 3 days rounding up sheep with no sleep on foot because he had no equipment. This is what he used as motivation during the race where he imagined he was rounding up the sheep before an approaching storm.

Cliff could have made many excuses like his age, injuries or no equipment. He believed in himself that he could achieve his end goal. What do you believe?

Love Peace and Bliss


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