Believing This Defies Common Sense

What do you believe? When focused on changing you life with a goal or target you may get caught up in what you want. Or, how badly you want this goal to be your new reality. I was in a similar spot when my facilitator asked me, ‘What are you creating?’.

My response was. ‘I really want to build my own business successfully’. Then he followed up with another question which stopped me dead in my tracks.



Before we get into the question I would like you to hold in your mind something you are working towards and how much you want it to be your new reality… how much you want that change in your life.

OK, Here is the question, ‘Would you rather want it or have it?’ Ammmm that’s kinda like a no brainer, of course I would rather have it.

The word ‘want’ refers to lack. Whatever you think you want, just replace the word with lack. Yep, it doesn’t feel too good when you use the word lack.

Its really important to claim your target, your goal to the world as complete. To some it may look like just semantics. OK, let me put it this way, your subconscious is not going to see the urgency of supporting you in achieving your goals or targets if you use words like want or waiting.


Declare what you are creating as complete. Its not just about saying the words, its also about believing the words. Language is so important and when you believe it to the core, then your goal has no choice but to happen.

Instead of saying ‘I want’, say ‘I am creating’ or ‘I am building’ or the mantra I am currently running right now, ‘I am so excited to be living in Bali for the next 3 months.’

See you in Bali  😀

Love Peace and Bliss


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