Become Your Own Opportunity Factory

There is much curiosity about the habits of successful people and how they seem to have an abundance of opportunities at their finger tips. The surprising thing is it’s not as complicated as you think to have your own opportunity factory. 

One of the weapons successful people have is knowledge and they are always looking for more. They also recognize how much of a contribution knowledge is to their success. They are able to instantly recognize a treasure trove of ideas, insights and opportunity  through the success habit of reading  books, blogs and newspapers. 

Some of you may not be too excited to hear about the power of reading or even hoped you would never have to touch another book after leaving High School or University. However, reading daily could be one of the required success habits that’s holding back from your living your best life today.

How much reading is required? Just 60 mins daily.  Reading is one of the easiest success habits you could pick up and it’s very powerful as any knowledge you gain cannot be taken away. It might be prudent to invest in some speed reading training which is the strategy used by top CEO’s. The average CEO reads 60 books per year while the average American reads 1 book per year and makes 300 times less than the average CEO. 

As Dr. John Demartini say “you cannot expect to stick your hand into a pot of glue and not expect something to stick. You will also learn about the reading habits of some super successful people. In essence if you want better relationships, finances, health and career… Then you need to dust off your library card and grab a bunch of books like yesterday.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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