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Success Secrets By Steve Harvey

I am a big fan of Steve Harvey and due to me giving up TV again, I don’t get to watch him as much and only watch motivational messages on YouTube. Its about keeping yourself in that peak mindset for success. I came across this video of Steve Harvey sharing the secret to success and knew I had to bring […]

Monster Sized Mind Power Secret 5

At times I wonder about the key to really tapping into mind power. What does it really take to move though those mental blocks? There is more to this than mental conditioning. I recently watched a YouTube video talking about Allison Streeter, a long distance open ocean swimmer. I was fascinated my her story and achievements which all stem from […]

Your Ticket To Roaring Flames Of Achievement

There is a spark or possibility within each of us, when fanned turns into roaring flames of achievement. What are you doing with your spark? Are you allowing it to whither and die or are you fanning it with positive influences. There are many other factors to consider when fanning your inner spark. The first of which is trusting yourself. […]

Laugh At Defeat And Keep Crawling

You may have heard this phrase regularly thrown about … “That ship has sailed” Nope… I am not talking about my latest cruise vacation… although that would be very nice. I am making reference to missed opportunities. What if there is another possibility? What if you just have to find a different way to meet the ship? In this episode, […]