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This Is Why You Are A Failure?

In this episode I reveal 9 rules if not followed could be responsible for the failure you maybe experiencing in your life. Listen in and leave a comment letting me know which one of the 9 things you will be working on. Live Inspire  Alecia Lawrence

I Have To Take My Dog To The Therapist… He Is Depressed.

So I really don’t have a depressed dog however I am sure you have heard a similar random excuse when you ask someone to help you out with an issue or a situation and you both know their excuse is a lie. I mean, how depressed can your dog really be? Does he need to be placed on suicide watch? […]

Its Official… This Is The Most Depressing Day Of The Year

According to the article by Aled Blake featuring the research by Dr. Cliff Arnal declaring one particular day of the year to be the most depressing day of the year. You would have to listen to the podcast to find out which day is the most depressing. You can also check my commentary blog post on the article by following […]

Kai The Hatchet Wielding Homeless Hitchiker Speaks

Meet Kai, the Surfing Homeless Hatchet Wielding Hitchiker. I had to share the wisdom and heroism of Kai. He saved the day with his hatchet. I am not even sure what a hatchet looks like. Anyhow, enjoy my insights about this animated homeless surfer who is much wiser than he looks. That teaches us not to judge a book by […]

Happy My Life: How Can I Make This Happen?

This podcast has been inspired the founder of Federal Express and has the answer to “Happy My Life”. There are folks on a perpetual journey to find the answer however Fred Smith has helped us out and summed it up in a couple of sentences. Live Inspired  Alecia Lawrence