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No More Coffee… What?

The thought of no more coffee really breaks my heart. There is a new product that busting in on the coffee market however this episode is really about your ideas. Are you nurturing or killing those moments of inspiration. The one where you see something come out and you think… wait a minute I had that same idea. I also […]

What’s Your Excuse?

This episode is about finding the gold behind your excuses when focused on a project. How many times have you been late in completing a project, a goal or a task because of the excuses you make for not following through. You will gain insights on how to take you excuses and make them into strengths. Transforming your obstacles into opportunities. Love Peace and […]

Trapped Between Reality And My Ideal Life

This episode has been inspired by a book I read by Dan Sullivan call How To Avoid The Gap. This made clear why sometimes when making changes in our lives one can feel like a failure when they look at where they want to be and where they actually are. I will share ways to avoid getting trapped in the gap and additional […]

The Life Experiment | 30 Day Experiment

What can you achieve in just 30 days? In this show I share with you a profound moument which i learned while having lunch with Jack Canfield. He said to “Live Your Life As A Series Of 30 Day Experiments”.. wow. What a thought… You can make it a life experiment or a fun experiment… whatever you want to call […]

Only Crazy People Would Do This!

Honestly, I am sure you would think I am crazy if you listen to what I did on Feb 1, 2013. My mother thinks I am and did not believe me until I showed her… well you can find out about it in this episode. Crazy or not… its an experience I will not trade for anything. Listen in to […]