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blog-askingI attended an event where they had us write down 3 things we really wanted and then we had to go around asking people for whatever was on our list.

There were about 300 people in the room and you would say “yes” for every tenth question you were asked regardless of what the question was about. From questions 1 – 9 you would say “no”.

I was running around like crazy just asking questions and the thing that drove me up the wall were the people who wanted to say “no” in a nice way … like break it to me slowly. Are you kidding me…? I don’t expect you to be rude however a long drawn out response for a “no” is wasting my time.

I learnt several things about this exercise. One gets to their “yes” faster when they rush through all the “no” and move onto the next person. I started thinking about it like a game by focusing on how many “yes” I can get.

The other thing I learnt is don’t write people off the list if they already told you “NO”. Give them sometime and check again, maybe their situations have changed and they are in a position where they need your services.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is an energy healer by the name of Gary Douglas. He mentioned he talked to a woman for over 20 years about what he teaches before she decided to come to one of his classes. Are you that dedicated to getting a “yes”?

Another story is about Les Brown who always had a dream of working in a radio station. He went to the station manager asking for a job and was told… “We have no vacancies available.” He went the next day asking for a job and was told the same thing.

On the third day of talking to the station manager about the availability of a job, the station manager said I told you no on the first and second day, why do you keep coming back. Les response was “Well I thought it’s a different day and maybe somebody got sick or fired and something opened up.”

The station manager was so impressed by his tenacity and positive attitude that he hired him as a janitor and said… “take that broom and start sweeping”. Are you willing to be as positive and persistent as Les Brown? Things change, circumstances change and can put you in the right position for a “yes”.

Indulge me for a moment and close your eyes and say the word yes. How does it feel? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Just thinking about the word brings a smile to my face. Also, feel into the power and energy of the word. Doesn’t that feel good?

If you have trouble feeling into the power of the word, just imagine you want something really exciting that you have wanted for a long time and you do the Tom Cruise Oprah Show Jump on the Couch Deal and say YES! Why wouldn’t you want to focus on the word “yes” instead of “no”?

Do the same thing and indulge me for another moment and say the word “no”. How does that feel? What’s the first thing that came to mind? I bet it doesn’t feel as good as when you think about the word “yes”.

blog-asking-tooStatistics has shown people get a yes 10% of the time. It doesn’t mean you will get a yes every ten times, you could ask 90 people who tell you NO and then immediately after that get 10 Yes’s in a row.

The point is you have to keep asking. I remember clearly when the year 2000 came about and I heard a quote that struck me and made me bold in asking for whatever I want. It says “A lot is lost for want of asking”. Think about all the possibilities and opportunities which were lost because you didn’t ask a question or were afraid to ask the question in the first place.

Here is a scenario of a guy who wants to go on a date… If he doesn’t ask the girl out… he doesn’t have a date and if he asks the girl out and she says “no”, he still doesn’t have a date.

Why not ask and increase the possibility of getting a date for the night. At least with asking and if she said no he has a definitive answer instead of spending his time wishing and wondering if could go out on a date.

Bottom line… you get a definitive answer and know where you stand when you Ask Ask Ask. Just keep asking and smiling my peeps… just keep asking and smiling.

Love Peace and Bliss


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