Are You Being Ruled By Love Or Fear

Are you being ruled by your emotions? The reality is on some level, every single choice or decision you make can be traced back to an emotion. These emotions have roots in one of two places… Love or Fear. Which leads me to the question.

Are you being ruled by love or fear.

There are many reasons motivating you to take action in your life. Although you might argue fear has its place as a motivator. I don’t think its a very pleasant emotion to have ruling your decision.

Do you really want to use stress, tension and anxiety as your motivator all the time? Just thinking about it is stressful. Or would you prefer you motivator to be elation, energized, joy and peace.

Unfortunately you have allowed most of our major choices in life to be ruled by fear. The interesting thing about fear is its self centered. Its around protecting self from pain and suffering.

The emotion of love on the other hand is focused on the outer self, on being a contribution and helping others.

I attended an event by Jack Canfield and he did a muscle testing exercise on the body’s response to the motivating factor behind your goal. The results are you are more motivated when you are interested in helping others over self.

Take a look at your goals and see how you can restructure them to be a contribution to others. For example a popular weight loss goal would be “I am 20 pounds lighter and wearing a size 8 dress”. Although a reasonable goal its only focused on you.

You could switch it around to “I am 20 pounds lighter and teaching my children healthy eating habits”. No matter which way you structure your goal, it all leads to the same final destination. However, a goal focused on helping others will keep you more engaged, energized and excited to take consistent action.

Love Peace and Bliss

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