An Pain-Rich Trip Down Memory Lane

Every time you take a trip down memory lane, its amazing how quickly we zone in on the pain-rich memory of our failures and have to really pause to remember our past successes. Why? Usually our past failures is surrounded by some amount of emotional intensity.

A great example is the reaction of parents when you bring home your report card with an A compared to when you bring the report card back with Ds or Es…. don’t mention the Fs.

For the A, you probably get a pat on the back and “Good Job” while for the Ds and Es you get a full on lecture on the importance of getting good grades for a day, a week or even months, your parents are still going on about your failure.

Another scenario is parents don’t comment when the child is behaving nicely when left alone. Its a completely different story when the child makes noise or gets into trouble or is a nuisance.

Our brains quickly remembers events when there is a strong emotional attachment. As a result, looking back its really difficult to remember your successes or you underestimate them or under appreciate the number of successes you truly had when comparing them to your failures.

How do you flip the script?

Deliberately and consciously focus on and celebrate your successes. You deserve a pat on your back. Its easier to remember 10 ways you messed up in the last 7 days than it is to remember 10 victories you have had in the last month.

The harsh reality is we have lots more victories than failures. The challenge is we weigh everything on whether its perfect or not before recognizing it is a potential victory.

Honestly, just lower the bar that you use to measure success.

What’s the whole big deal about this? Acknowledging your successes have a direct positive impact on your self-esteem. Remember success breeds success. The more self-esteem you have, the more confidence you have to take the risk to go after your dreams.

Recognizing your success helps you to have the confidence to brush off any failures because your self esteem is high. Recognizing your successes in the past gives you the confidence that you will have more success in the future.

A few of the things you can do right now to start acknowledging your successes is to write 100 successes you have had all your life, create a victory log where you record your victories daily, display your success symbols like awards, certificates, awards…

…anything that is linked to the memory of a success and do the mirror exercise nightly. These exercises are described in detail in this episode. Its time to start recognizing your successes so you can gain the confidence to go after your dreams.

Love Peace and Bliss


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