A Up Close And Personal Look At Procrastination

Procrastination has so many layers and another one was revealed to me recently. Contrary to me believing procrastination is a delay mechanism used to satisfy my inner perfectionist… I learned procrastination is also the manifestation of resistance.

Resistance can be seen as a lying, cheating, sneaky, no good, son of a gun who whispers sweet nothings in your ears to get its way. We must tackle resistance head on. There are two questions to ask to help you root out resistance towards complete a task. 1 – What am I scared of? 2- What am I hiding from?

These questions forces you be aware of resistance and push forward in completing that major task or assignment. Now you understand why resistance is so sneaky.

The other layer which was revealed to me is procrastination is based on instant gratification.

“The professional arms himself with patience and gives himself twice as long as he first thinks — War Of Art.” If you think something is going to take a day, give yourself 2 or 3 days to do it. Set yourself up for success

“Resistance outwits the amateur and it uses the amateurs own enthusiasm to defeat him — War Of Art.” Indeed, we always underestimate how much time it would take you to complete a task… blinded by our own enthusiasm. That’s why I say resistance is a sneaky, conniving, son of a gun.

The sad thing about resistance is it cannot be touched, seen or heard but you sure can feel it. The professional understands delayed gratification while the amateur wants instant gratification.

The amateur believes he must overcome the fear and do the work while the professional knows that fear will always be there. As I always say, feel the fear and do it anyway.

The real question is… are you focused on instant gratification or delayed gratification?

Love Peace and Bliss


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