A Strange Secret To Creating Your Best Life

Everyone has got a secret however this one has been buried for almost 100 years and I dug it up because its still relevant today. Yep, this 100 year old secret can change how your life looks. Its the law of retaliation which takes the whole eye for an eye thing to the next level.

Nope, its not the you did me wrong type of retaliation… Its the you did me right and I will do the the same for you. There are so many angles from which to examine the law of retaliation as described by Napoleon Hill.

You may know this law as like attract like or what you focus on expands or synchronicity or coincidences. Whatever you want to label it does not discount how much of a powerful tool it is in your life.

If you really take an in depth look, you will notice the law of retaliation is active in your life as well. You may know someone who is perpetually having a bad day, no matter what happens, every single day is bad while you have another person who perpetually has a good day.

Its about what you focus on. If you are looking only for the bad things in life, then you will find it. When you give your brain instructions, it will lock inĀ  to anything that matches those instructions like a homing signal.

Have you ever seen a car for the first time which you really like and all of a sudden you see it everywhere… like everyone owns one. Exactly, that is the law of retaliation at its simplest which also enhances the power of your vision board. Remember my friends that kindness begets kindness. I challenge you to retaliate with kindness

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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