A Sticky Situation

Karen Xcheng took the whole idea of a sticky situation to the next level. She taught herself how to break dance over a a period of a year. This is a story showing the power of sticking to taking consistent action towards you goal to achieve success.

Her time lapse video shows snap shots of over 500 hours of practice. Why does it matter? You should have seen her original dance moves. Actually, you can check out the video below and you will totally understand my original statement about her lack luster dance moves.


This is a lesson in sticktuitiveness because you tend to only see the superstar shots, to see when they cross the finish line, to see them on stage and you never see all the struggle before.

Lisa Nichols use to write speeches and read them to her grandmother because she wanted to be a speaker. She did this consistently every week despite one teacher saying she will never make it as a speaker and another, her English teacher saying she is the worst at writing.

Now Lisa Nichols gets paid hundreds of thousands to speak and she is a multiple bestselling author. She refused to fit into the mold of other people’s expectations and stuck to developing her abilities every week until she evolved into what she wanted to be, a speaker and best selling author.

Karen created a site http://give it100.com where people commit to being better at one thing for 100 days. Can you do the same, stick to learning something new for 100 days?

We always hear practice makes perfect however perfection is an illusion which is tied heavily into an individuals belief systems and is a moving target one and never meet. Practice makes improvement.

One of the technique Karen used to ensure she stuck to her commitment of learning to dance daily was to make her happiness about getting better at something.

She held herself accountable by posting a 10 second video online daily. It was discouraging on some days when she saw no improvement, then she would look back at all the videos and see the progress she made over time.

Here is something to think about… what have you always wanted to do? My friends, Dow is the time to do it.

Love peace and Bliss


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