A Special Delivery: Did You Get The Message

You spend lots of time on your dreams and goals, taking consistent focused action while asking praying hoping for some a break or a great amazing insight which will put you on the fast track highway to success.

What happened? Why is it taking so long for you to reap you harvest when you are doing everything right? Could be missing the message?

There are messages delivered to you everyday and the messenger comes in many shapes and forms. It could be a billboard, a TV commercial or something your best friend says on the phone which opens you up to a new possibility. The only way to truly get the message to to increase your awareness and being open to the various ways the message you need can potentially show up.

I recently saw a post by one of my Facebook friends Brian G Johnson  sharing how he had randomly left his book at the Broadmoor. This definitely comes under my definition of retaliating with kindness. Check out the actual Facebook post below.

I reached out to Brian to find out his thoughts behind leaving the book and he shared the following insights.

Just a much as making money Brian’s goal is to share his message with other people. He is not in control of those people who will resonate with his message and that’s why he wanted to leave the book in The Broadmoor along with a simple message letting the person who picks up the book know about the possibility of creating a better life using the Internet

Brian says he will do this a number of times so there is no telling where the next copy of Trust Funnel will show up whenever Brian chooses to retaliate with kindness. Brian left his book up to fate to decide how and when it will get to the person who needs it.

My friends, there are no accidents in the universe and whether it takes 1 day or 1 year for the book to get to the right person…  Brian has done his part to dispatch the message and the recipient will find it exactly when its needed. Everything in life happens exactly when it should.

Another perfect example of this is a story with Jack Canfield. He checked into a hotel and didn’t have any cash on him to tip the bell hop. He gave the guy a copy of this book instead. The bell hop is a teacher who worked at the hotel during the summer to make extra cash. He said he was more interested in the cash than some lousy book.

However, the Universe/God/Source has a way of providing what we need at the right moment. The bell hop read the book and it changed his life in less than a year. He quit teaching and started his own events company. A little less than two years later he was booking Jack for one of his own events.

Never underestimate the power of a message contained in a book. Reading is good. Applying what’s read to your life is better.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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