A Secret Weapon For Any Argument

If only I could find a magic wand to win any argument. Rarely I allow someone to get under my skin and annoy me and its even super rare since I have learned to activate my Zen mode.

Oh my, today was definitely one of those rare days and I thought I would examine the experience with you by taking an in depth look at disagreements and share with you the secret weapons you can use to take control of any argument.

First lets set the foundation by saying, no on can upset you unless you allow them to upset you.

You can quickly and easily diffuse a tense situation by agreeing with the person. By the way, agreeing with someone is completely different from accepting their point of view. I understand this idea might go against every fiber of your being.

However it takes both of you to disagree to have an argument. If you agree with them that they have a point of view after-which you immediately introduce them to another possibility. You will leave the other person with the wind gone out of their sails because there is nothing to fight about if one person agrees.

Usually arguments come about because you are butting heads to have the other agree with your point of view. This of course, brings your defense up and there is no way to come to a resolution once your defenses are raised.

You each have your own version of reality in your mind. Agreeing with that persons reality puts them in a relaxed state where you can introduce a new reality. Bottom line… It only takes one person to agree to win an argument.

Love Peace and Bliss

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