A Blazing Inferno In Your Soul

Are you on fire for that dream or change you desire in life? Is there a blazing inferno deep inside keeping you focused on making it happen?

A true desire in the heart for anything good is proof sent before hand to indicate that its yours already. That burning desire you have to be whatever you want to be, wouldn’t exist if you didn’t have the potential to achieve it.

This is proof to you from God, Source, Universe or a higher power giving you the hint its already yours. In understand at times you feel its taking forever and you are so far away from getting there. Take comfort in the fact its already yours and its up to you to make the decision to claim it.

One sure way to pile up on missed opportunities and not to recognize your true potential is to not claim what is already yours. Dreams without  goals are dreams. Dreams without focused consistent action are just dreams and will lead you to the path of disappointment.

The two players you need on your team in the game of life to assist you in claiming what is already yours is discipline and consistency. With discipline and consistency on you team you will have the surety your goals will move over to the land of achievement.

Love Peace and Bliss


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